Half of funeral venues now offer a live-stream of funerals

Third of millennials say they'd happily watch a loved ones funeral streamed online if they couldn't attend the funeral in person.

The data received by insurer Royal London suggests that this option may just be limited to younger people.

They found that one in four people aged over 35 would rather not watch a live broadcast if they couldn't attend. More than half went on to describe it as 'insensitive' or even 'morbid'.

The online video's of funerals can be good for people who may have difficulties attending or even live aboard.

A discreet video camera can be set up to film the funeral service. This can then be shared online on a pass word protected site. As well as this, some funeral directors even offer loved ones a recording of the service on DVD.

Planning for a funeral in advance is a way of ensuring that your loved ones who live abroad can still be part of your funeral without the stress of arranging a funeral as well as having to arrange getting back to the UK suddenly and having to find extra money at a time that is already stressful.

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