Frequently asked questions about funeral plans

Planning in advance for your funeral is key to ensuring that your loved ones don't have to stress about trying to arrange your funeral or find the money to pay for it.

Below are our most commonly asked questions and their answers regarding funeral plans.

Do I need a Funeral Plan if I have already put aside some money for my funeral?

Having money set aside is always a good idea. However, interest rates are so low and funeral expenses rising at an alarming rate, (projected cost £4897 by 2017) many of the saving and insurance plans don't cover the cost. A pre paid funeral plan will guarantee these costs are covered no matter when it is needed. Pre-paid funeral plans are not part of your estate so your family activate the plan when they need it.

I have Life insurance in place why do I need to take out a Funeral Plan too?

The type of Life Insurance recommended to cover Funeral Costs is a Whole of Life policy.

Unfortunately the sum insured will always remain the same and these plans are payable till the day you pass away so you could end up paying a lot more in than your actually insured for. Also to take into consideration that no matter how much you pay in, it doesn't secure the cost of your funeral at today's prices.

A Funeral Plan will keep up with inflation for you while secured in a trust fund also you will only have to pay for the terms you take the funeral plan out on.

Is there and age restriction or medical needed?

None of the providers we work with ask any medical questions and there are funeral plan providers that accept you at any age.

What happens when I die?

When the funeral plan is needed, all your loved ones need to do is make one simple phone call to the selected plan provider you are with. All your arrangements would have already been made so less stress in an already emotional time.

What if I move to a different area of the UK?

If you move areas all you need to do is contact My Funeral Plan Supermarket or your funeral plan provider directly who will simply nominate another independent funeral director.

I would like the security of an established Bank or Building Society.

Bank or Building Society cannot freeze Funeral Director`s costs at today’s prices. All the money you put into a pre paid funeral plan is looked after in an independent Trust Fund, completely safe with a board of trustees.

This means your money is safe and secure and can only be released when your family needs it.

We have included a few links below to information about our providers trust funds.

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