My Funeral Plan Supermarket Customer Satisfaction

When my fit and healthy father passed away unexpectedly, it took us all by surprise. My mother was a wreck and my siblings and I had no idea how to arrange his funeral. In moments of unparalleled grief, we were being forced to make some difficult decisions, with long-lasting repercussions. Dad was so fit and healthy, his death was leas expected. Accordingly, we had no idea what kind of funeral he would have liked, whether he wanted a burial or cremation funeral, or even whether he wanted a service or not. At loggerheads since we were young, unfortunately, even our father’s death wasn’t able to bring my siblings and I together. It was such a difficult time.

With the thoughts of what we went through when dad passed away, I set about on some research. Over-50s insurance for my mother, for when the worst happens. However, due to certain health complications, we felt the packages they offered were beyond our means. Mum wanted to pledge some savings towards her funeral costs, ever the independent woman. But, now, with dad gone, even that felt heart-breaking. During my research, I came across prepaid funeral plans thanks to My Funeral Plan Supermarket. In a matter of minutes, I was even able to compare funeral plans and get a quote for my mother.

I think the biggest thing I took away from the experience of exploring funeral plans was how packages allowed difficult topics to be broached. Using the information from the website, I was able to delicately find out what sort of funeral my mother envisaged for herself and how she wanted things. The option we went for was a fixed-term contracts, with monthly instalments payable over three years. The provider ultimately gave us an extensive cooling-off period, before finalising out decision. And, they even promised to cover agreed funeral costs, even my mother died before the sum was paid in full.

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