Comparing Funeral Plans with My Funeral Plan Supermarket

As someone who feels very much in the twilight of their life, I’ve always planned to be sensible when it comes to funeral plans. When I felt the time was right to start considering my options, I took a careful and measured approach. I spoke to my solicitor about writing a will, probate issues and inheritance tax. I’ve been responsible all my life and simply do not plan to leave any loose ends upon my passing. With assets and finances covered, my solicitor asked me about provisions being made for my funeral from my estate. However, he also mentioned Over-50s life insurance policies, as a form of guaranteeing my funeral costs would be covered.

However, weighing things up between Over-50s life insurance, savings and paying for my funeral from my estate, I felt there were too many loose ends. What if I died after my life insurance policy was up? How long would it take after my death for my family to access the funds from my estate? A whole host of questions arose in my mind, for which there were too many uncertain answers. At this time, while I was still considering these options, I somewhat randomly came across My Funeral Plan Supermarket. As some who is not tech-savvy, I found the website navigable, clear and easy to use.

Personally, what had me sold about funeral plans was how I could pay right away and be sure to have my funeral plans fully covered, when the time comes. I didn’t want my family to worry about money, getting money together, waiting on money from my estate, I wanted to pay for my funeral and enjoy the peace of mind with my family. Thus, within minutes I received various quotes from My Funeral Plan Supermarket and I was able to get a lot of information regarding each of the quotes.

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