The right way to approach your funeral planning

Recent studies from Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2015 have shown that the average cost of funeral is expected to be £4,827 in 2020 which is expected to escalate to £8,726 in 2030. This means that funeral planning should be given a careful thought by the people to avoid the discomfort to their family at a difficult time. For this purpose, pre-paid funeral plans offer the best way to secure your funeral requirements. However, a large number of people just select a prepaid funeral plan without exploring the different options available in the market and as a result, they lose out on cheaper funeral plans. What is required is a website which helps the customers to compare the funeral plans across multiple service providers which can help them to take decisions on purchasing the most appropriate prepaid funeral plan. Also, it is important that the money paid by the consumers is maintained with safety by the service providers. For this purpose, you should commit to Funeral Plan providers who hold your payments in an independently managed trust. In this way if the provider gets into financial difficulty your money is completely secure with the Trustees.

These issues require a thorough market research so that you can be assured of taking the advantage of locking in the funeral expenses while at the same time saving the burden to your family members of carrying out the funeral. At My Funeral Supermarket we equip you with jargon free information related to the comparison of pre-paid funeral plans provided by the different service providers so that you can make your own decision. For further details, you are always feel free to contact our trusted advisors and we will be glad to address your queries and support you.

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