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A pre-paid funeral plan has become the preferred choice for funeral planning for consumers across UK. This is because prepaid funeral plans clearly list out the activities that will be carried out at the individual’s funeral and the consumer can decide which funeral plan suits them based on their budget and requirements. Such plans provide the peace of mind to the consumers and assurance that they are in control of their funeral requirements and has reduced a huge burden from their family. In addition, prepaid funeral plans allow the consumers to “lock-in” the future funeral expenses at today’s rate. In this way the consumers do not have to worry about the escalated costs in the future. However, it becomes very important to carry out the thorough research regarding the service offerings from the different service providers and compare the cost of the prepaid plans. To make this task easy, My Funeral Supermarket presents you a one-stop website where you can compare the services offered by the leading funeral service providers along with the cost for these services. At My Funeral Supermarket, our main objective is to bring transparency in the funeral planning industry so that the consumers are confident, and the service providers can gain the trust of the consumers.

We present the most updated research in an unbiased manner so that the consumer can decide for themselves, rather than us suggesting them. One of the main advantages of using the platform of My Funeral Supermarket is that we list only those service providers who are known for their integrity and avoid the ones who are driven by high pressure sales tactics or any other unethical practices. This way we hope to become the preferred site for selecting the most appropriate funeral plan for the consumers. To know more about us, you can visit our website or you can write to us and we will be glad to address your queries.

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