A comparison website for your funeral planning needs

Funeral Planning can often be a complicated task given that the user has to go through the different offerings and decide what they want for their funeral. Recent studies from Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2015 have shown that the average cost of funeral is expected to be £4,827 in 2020 which is expected to escalate to £8,726 in 2030. This means that funeral planning should be considered important for all individuals. Also, since the payments have to be done in advance, it becomes important for the users to make sure that the funds are safe, and the service provider will meet their obligations when the time comes. To take care of all these concerns, My Funeral Plans Supermarket offer a comparison website where you can conveniently compare the pre-paid funeral plans by the leading service providers. The website provides you with the latest information so that you can understand the latest trends in the market and decide for yourself.

We believe in consumer empowerment and therefore, we present all the relevant information on our website which is based on independent and unbiased research so that the customers can make informed decisions on their own without any influence. Our key differentiator is that we do not include the service providers who are motivated by high pressure sales tactics or any other unethical practices to attract consumers. Instead we advocate for transparency so that there is a trust built among consumers. By comparing the pre-paid funeral plans, you can be assured that you will select the best deal among the leading funeral service providers and take control of your future and avoid the burden on your family. For further details, you can always feel free to contact our trusted advisors and we will be glad to assist you.

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