We help you purchase the right pre-paid funeral plan

Purchasing a pre-paid plan can be an exhausting and tricky exercise. First of all, people don’t want to think of planning their funeral as it invokes a sense of negativity and grief. Secondly, the growing awareness about funeral planning and the need to save funeral costs have created an awareness among consumers and has also brought many funeral plan providers in the market. Comparing the plans offered by each of them can be tiring and you can end up being more confused than you actually were when you began. In addition, it is important for the consumer to be assured that the pre-paid amount is actually utilised for funeral purposes when the time comes. These issues require a thorough market research so that you can be assured of taking the advantage of locking in the funeral expenses while at the same time saving the burden to your family members of carrying out the funeral. At My Funeral Supermarket we equip you with jargon free information related to the comparison of pre-paid funeral plans provided by the different service providers so that you can make your own decision.

The options that we offer are from reputed funeral service providers who are committed to delivering their services to the highest professional standards. As one of the UK's leading funeral plan comparison companies, we ensure that we put ourselves in a position of independence and unbiased opinion so that you can take the right decision. One of our distinct advantage is that we do not recommend providers who are driven by high pressure sales tactics, unreasonable Terms and Conditions or other unethical practices. This way you can be assured that the pre-paid plan purchased by you is utilised for the funeral services that you have selected.

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