Cremation or Burial

Cremation or Burial is the very much dependent on your finances, beliefs, family situation, and possibly other factors as well. Below we have taken an in depth look into the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide whether a cremation or burial is best for you. Click here to start comparing funeral plans today.


You can go the most affordable, simplest option with direct cremation without any services at a funeral directors although you can pick and choose from just about all the options and services offered by the funeral directors too.
Options such as dividing up the remains, scattering on land or at sea, keeping a small portion, travelling, ground burial, keeping some of the ashes in a locket near your heart, moving, being buried, mixing together as a couple, being “planted” as a tree, choosing a cremation urn at a much later date or having one custom made.
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Some religions or cultures do not approve of cremation. Cremation also has an environmental impact- despite a lot of the times there is no embalming, which is more environmentally friendly, it still uses resources and produces emissions.

The advantages of cremation include lower cost, divide with loved ones, scatter the ashes, etc.

A cremation allows to combine a number of options. You can divide ashes among family members, You can mix the remains of a couple, divide ashes among family members or simply take your time to decide what to do with the remains. You can still have a complete “traditional” funeral service, with the only difference being an urn with cremated remains will be buried instead of a casket with a body.

There are also many different cremation urns that cost a lot or less than the most basic caskets. Click here to see different urn options.

Having a cremation allows the opportunity to schedule a memorial, burial, or scattering service at the most convenient time for loved ones. As cremated remains can be moved it means you can have a memorial service or some small gathering of loved ones in your honor in just about any location in the world – from mountaintops to sea.
  • Cremations range on average from £1700 upwards depending on services choices

  • Cremation urns cost from £80 upwards

  • Cemetery plots for cremation urns are much cheaper than for full caskets

  • Viewing of the deceased, Embalming and burial costs of opening and closing the grave can be avoided

  • Memorial services are more flexible and can be done on a budget

A body can only be buried in the at a cemetery or on private property (subject to local authority). Most people choose to be buried in a cemetery or other designated burial ground such as a green burial site. Natural burial or “green burial” is becoming more popular. This is the practice is seen as returning the human body to earth in the most naturally eco-friendly way available. The un-embalmed body is buried in a simple shroud or biodegradable casket made “green” materials. Click here to read more about eco-friendly burials.
Below we have listed some of the downsides to burials -
  • Burial must be done in a short amount of time due to the potential health risk to other people.​

  • Burial costs a lot more than cremation

  • Moving a body after burial is very difficult or even impossible due to costs, laws and regulations

  • Some families find that the “traditional” burial is not a true reflection of the individual

  • If you have chosen to be embalmed this is often expensive and environmentally harmful due to the chemicals used in the process

  • Cemeteries often restrict personalisation options such as monuments, flowers and other graveside remembrances, etc


Traditional burials have many advantages. There are eco-friendly and sustainable options, such as the “natural burial” methods listed above. Many religious traditions approve of or even prescribe full-body burial.

There are some more advantages are -

  • It provides a place loved ones can visit

  • A graveside funeral can be very comforting to loved ones

There is often a time where people can say their final goodbyes

  • Average burial costs are from £5,000

  • Coffin costs are much higher than urns

  • Burial costs excludes costs for cemetery plot, digging expenses, grave liner, and headstone

My Funeral Plan Supermarket's Cremation Vs Burial Summary
In summary, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Below we have high lighted the pro's and con's to help you visualise the best opinion for you and your loved one's.

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