People Are Thinking About Final Wishes Younger And Younger

While searching for end-of-life related issues for a parent, older relative, or friend, you maybe have seen more and more young people are thinking about end-of-life planning and recording their wishes for final arrangements.

The moment a person starts thinking about his or her own mortality can vary greatly, but there’s something about being in your 30s and 40s that makes it seem even more real. Perhaps it is seeing aging parents begin to slow down, maybe it’s the time when friends start regularly dealing with significant disease, or it could be a wedding or the birth of a child that makes people feel the need to create wills and plan funerals. Whatever the trigger, dealing with mortality, at least in small measure, is something encroaching on middle age inspires people to do.

While death is much less apparent in younger ages, there are many different reasons surfacing in the normal course of life for a young person to start thinking about their own death.

It has been shown that typically, it is within 72 hours of the death of a loved one that a person thinks about his or her own mortality. But there are other life events that have similar effect. Illness in an aging parent is one, New life stages such as getting married or having children can also be a trigger.

The younger generation is finding new, innovative ways to be remembered as they think through their final arrangements. Today, people take control by creating a unique, individualized celebration of life. As a result, funerals in our society have evolved, Instead of everyone being buried in the same type of box by the same minister or rabbi as the generations of family before them, now there are a lot more options. People move away from their hometowns, change religions and broaden social circles. At the same time, they develope an expanded sense of self that makes personal expression a priority.

Hopefully this post inspire you to begin making (and recording) wise choices today in planning for the future. Doing so will ease the burdens of those closest to you, and help free them to celebrate your life in your own way. Click here to start comparing the funeral plan providers.