How Much Does The Average Funeral Cost?

Here at My Funeral Plan Supermarket we believe that everyone should have a plan that is tailored to their individual needs and requirements.

Often we come across people that have been miss informed regarding funeral costs.

They are either told by their local funeral director that it will cost them a lot more or they aren't told about the hidden costs that their loved ones could be left.

When you pass, it's not just the emotional grief that effects your loved ones. It is also the financial burden left, although there are ways to alleviate these burden's.

The most common funeral expenses?

Commonly funeral expenses are divided into 2 separate sub-categories.

These are funeral directors charges and disbursements (paid to third party on your behalf).

Expenses from funeral directors are usually -

Removal Of The Deceased

Care Of The Deceased

Use Of The Chapel Of Rest

A Basic Veneered Coffin

Provision And Use Of A Hearse

Coffin Bearers

Disbursements usually include -

Cemetery Fees

Cremation Fees

Open And Closing Of A Grave

Doctor's Fees For Certification Of Death

Minister's Fees

Funeral Facts......

On average, loved ones need to find £3,800 to cover the costs incurred by the funeral director.

Over 40% of people make no financial previsions to pay for their funeral before they die.

16% of people don't have sufficient provisions financially to cover funeral expenses.

Source:Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2015

Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Having a pre paid funeral plan is a fantastic way to ensure your family and loved ones aren't left with the financial or emotional burden of arranging your funeral.

If you have got a pre paid funeral plan all your loved ones simply need to do is call the plan provider when the time comes and they will arrange the funeral for you with a local funeral director.

Our senior, professional funeral plan advisors have over 30 years of industry experience between them meaning they can help you find the best funeral plans for your individual needs and requirements.

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