When Funerals Go Wrong

If you haven't already set your funeral requests out clearly your loved ones they may end up making funeral plans on how they think you may of wanted which doesn't always mean it would be a true reflection of you.

Planning your funeral in advance means saving not just money for your loved ones but the stress and arguments that may arise. Below we have listed a few examples of what can go wrong if you don't plan ahead.

Guests Inviting Themselves

If you want a small low key funeral consisting exclusively of a handful your closest loved ones, you must put this in writing. This can be set out in your final will so you don't have any uninvited guests turning up at your funeral such as a relationship that has broken down with a an individual.

Messages That Are Left Behind

Leaving somebody else to arrange your head stone if you have opted for a burial could not be the best idea. What they pick to have written on your head stone could be completely different to what you would want. For example you could have a funny quote, a phrase you use or even an inspirational quote whatever you choose take time to think about what you would actually want on your head stone before you pass as these are the words you will leave behind for generations to come.

The Wrong Music

Picking your list of favourite music for your funeral isn't as daunting as you may think however, if you are into all different types of music you may find it a little harder to narrow your choice down. You can pick any type of music you like to be played at your ceremony and it doesn't have to be the usual type of music either but if you leave your loved one's to arrange this aspect of your funeral then they may end up choosing something you may never of wanted.

A true Reflection Of You

A funeral should be a true reflection of you! What you would want and your ceremony should make all your loved ones feel as though they are in your company for one last time. If your a happy, bright, cheerful person, you wouldn't want want a subdued funeral with your loved ones dress in traditional blacks as this isn't who you were.

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