Funeral Programme Templates

Have you ever thought about what you would want in your funeral programme?

If you have ever have had to organise a funeral you've probably had to pay for a funeral programme to be made at the last minute. These programmes can soon become expensive with hidden costs and even more so at time of need, But planning your funeral programme in advance can save your loved ones time and money.

Here at My Funeral Plan Supermarket, we have trawled the internet to find you the best free professional looking programme templates for your funeral. Below are our favourite templates that you can save and use.

Tips for Making Your Own Funeral Service Program

Using helpful guidelines, you can easily create a simple funeral program or bulletin in a Word document that would help your loved ones when the time comes, Creative Funeral offer a simple printable, downloadable funeral program that you can edit. You do also get information in the plan provider information pack when you take out a funeral plan with a provider through ourselves. Click here to compare funeral plan providers today.

Free Decorative Funeral Programs

Hoover Web Design offers a selection of free funeral program templates that are available to download, edit, and print for your or a loved ones memorial service. The free funeral programs you can choose from feature decorative images on the front page including flowers, butterflies, nature scenes and bible.

Free Funeral Program Templates from My Wonderful Life

My Wonderful Life provide four free elegant, simple and professional looking funeral program templates. Above is a copy from the website of the basic design themes. We have included a brief step by step description needed to make one of these memorial service templates:

  1. Choose your design.

  2. Click on the design of your choice, and it will begin downloading.

  3. Open the file.

  4. Edit the document with your own information.

  5. Swap out photos. (For the last option with the maroon boxes, make sure the photo is the same size as the box next to it. Double click on the image and make sure the height and width are both set to 2.31″ – you may also change the color of these boxes, by double clicking on them and choosing another color).

  6. Print. Refer to your printer manual for double sided printing instructions.

Two Free Funeral Service Templates

These two free, editable PDF documents are from the website Love to Know. The first funeral program template is a simple one-page program, and the second is a folded design that provides four ‘pages’ for you to use. Below we have included the outline of this folded funeral service template:

  • Page 1: The first page starts with In loving memory of and is followed by a photo. Below this are the birth and death dates followed by the date and location of the service.

  • Page 2: The second page features a biography of the deceased. This is where you provide highlights of the important aspects of the deceased’s life. Use the example provided within the template as a guide.

  • Page 3: The third page provides the service order.

  • Page 4: The final page of the program is the family’s opportunity to thank those who came to pay their last respect. You can also add a comforting Bible verse, a favorite saying, or inspiring life celebration quotes.

You can also find a number of funeral program options on Pinterest, some of which are free to download.

Planning your funeral in advance is important in helping your loved ones at an already difficult time. Click here to compare funeral plan providers today.

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