Memorial Ideas Made From Loved Ones Cremated Ashes.

Cremated ashes made into a lasting memorial is simply the ultimate way to keep the memory of your loved one close to you. Below we have listed unique memorial ideas made using cremated remains. These include trees, jewellery and ornaments to name a few. How would you like your ashes to be used?

Memorial Tree Urn

A simple and affordable memorial tree urn allows you to grow a tree from your loved one’s ashes. Each urn holds a portion of the remains and includes a seed from a variety of trees native to the UK woodlands. All you do is fill the urn with remains of your loved one, plant a seed of your choice in the urn and your “living memorial” will grow. Click here to see a full range of biodegradable urns.

Cremation Beads

“Pandora” style cremation beads hold a small amount of ash of your loved one. You don’t need to send anything off to an artist, all you do is just fill the beads and you’ll have a beautiful ever lasting memorial. Click here to see a full range.

Ashes Portrait

A new trend has emerged in the last couple of years to use loved ones ashes to create beautiful hand-painted lifelike black and white portraits. These portraits are a beautiful way to remember your loved ones. Icons in Ash is one of several artists who use this medium. Click here to view some of the works they have created.

Glass Memorial Sculpture

Remember a loved one by incorporating a small amount of cremated ash into handmade glass paperweights or bowls creating a lasting memorial. Only a small number of glass companies provide this unique service in the UK and it is growing and all items are different. Your loved ones ashes are mixed with a colour of your choice and the molten glass is then layered together, mixing the ashes within the glass. The pieces are then sculpted or blown depending on your choice of item.

Langham Glass offer this service and also offer an addition service where you can watch your chosen "Forever into Glass" item being made. Click here to view their website.

Memorial Tattoo From Ashes

Ashes were used many years ago to create tattoos by rubbing the ashes into open wounds although the process is much cleaner today. Only a small amount of sterilised ashes are mixed with standard tattoo ink to create the right kind of consistency to be used.

Click here to read all about ashes being used to create tattoos.

Memorial Reef

In the US one company is re-creating the legendary Lost City in 16 acres of ocean floor. Called the Neptune Memorial Reef, it offers room for more than 125,000 remains and is a sanctuary for marine life. Back here in the UK Solace Reef that is doing the same off just off the coast of Weymouth, Dorset. Over time of your loved one will become part of the reefs future growth and protection.

From Ashes to Diamonds

Diamonds made from a loved ones ashes have become very popular over the last few years.

Available in a variety of sizes, cuts, colors, and settings, this is the ultimate memorial keepsake that can be passed down the family for generations.

Click here to see the full range of diamonds that can be created.

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