2018 Funeral Trends

As the end of 2017 is fast approaching we take a look at the Funeral Trends of note this year. To make the most of the current trends in making final arrangements and planning funerals we have included some extra tips at the end to help.


Personalisation of funeral services has become more and more common place over the last few years and is now deemed the new norm with funeral directors.

This is a good trend to take into account while you’re thinking about what you want for your own funeral. You have the freedom to choose exactly which products and services you think is best for your needs and individuality. There are a wide variety of choices available from plantable urns that grow a tree to designer themed coffins.

Green Funerals

As a nation we have become more aware of the effect we humans have on the environment, eco-friendly and sustainable options have come important for many. This trend has been felt in the funeral industry, with the rise in eco-friendly caskets and cremation urns, and a growing awareness regarding sustainability and waste.

Some of the Green options are-

- Eco-Friendly Banana Leaf Coffins

- Eco-Friendly Willow Caskets

- Biodegradable Balloons for balloon release

- Biodegradable Ground Burial Urns

- Biodegradable Memorial Tree Urns

- Biodegradable Water Scattering Urns

Below are some handy links to green burial and funeral practices:

- Natural Death Centre

- Woodland Burial Trust

- Wicker Willow Coffins

Unique Creative Memorials

People enjoy honoring their loved ones in unique and creative ways. That’s why we’re seeing a lot more handmade keepsakes, sympathy gifts and creative memorials items that can be used and seen such as memorial benches and bird feeders.

Another trend is with cremation jewelry. Custom engraved sterling silver and gold memorials with fingerprints are a trending as well as themes including hearts, Celtic, military, crosses, to name but a few.

Streaming the Funeral Live

With the advent of the digital age comes the ability to attend events via live stream. More services are offering professional live streaming for small to medium sized funerals and memorial services.

Live streaming of funerals via social media platforms like Facebook Live and the ever improving quality of smartphone cameras is becoming more and more popular.

Memorial Gardens

Community gardens are a great trend that emphasizes community ethos. Community gardens can become a memorial garden (officially or unofficially) when someone donates land for the purpose, a bench

or simply invites friends and family to spend time gardening at the community garden in honor of a loved one.

Gardening is a wonderful form of therapy for your loved ones left behind .


There are many reasons that pre paid, advance planning of final wishes and funeral arrangements is extremely important the list below highlights this :

- Save time, stress, and costs on your funeral

- Keep your family from the stress of having to decide on what you would of wanted by planning all the details in advance
- Ensure all legal affairs are outlined clearly before hand
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