Campaigners held a mock funeral procession in Parliament Square

Dressed as mourners and funeral directors, campaigners urge the government to help the many people struggling with funeral costs. In 2003 emergency assistance provided by the state was capped at £700, which is far below the cost of even the most basic of funerals.

The average funeral now costs £3,784 and according to latest figures, they show the amount of debt accrued to pay for funerals is at a record high of £160 million, up just over £10 million from last years figures.

The NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors), The Fair Funerals campaign and other charities have sent a letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond to rise the help fund to keep up with the inflation and updated annually in line with the retail price index.

Fair Funerals campaigns manager Heather Kennedy was quoted saying “Our government needs to take action to address this growing public concern and guarantee everyone in dignity in death. By increasing the funeral fund, many grieving families would be spared the emotional and financial burden of not being unable to afford a respectful funeral.”

The campaign and petition is using the hashtag #BuryTheDebt to raise awareness across the internet as well as having a very moving video highlighting the issue of funeral debt.

Click here to sign the petition and have your say.

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