Son cremates his mother in secret to save money

Laurence Jackson, 54, was in charge of arranging and paying for his mothers funeral. But when his family arrived to pay their last respects, he cancelled the service in order to save money.

Florence Mitchell, 89, who died in hospital of pneumonia following a stroke leaves six children and at least 20 grandchildren behind.

In order to save money Laurence arranged the cremation to take place in a secret out-of-hours funeral, saving him a large amount of money.

Unfortunatly Florence's other son Stephen Jackson, 57 felt because Laurence paid the bill, the rest of the family were 'frozen out' of the funeral arrangements.

Francis Chappell & Sons, funeral directors of Catford, South East London, were obliged to follow Laurence’s instructions, according to the law as he had power of attorney.

They said they had advised the medical referee they believed there to be a family dispute but were given permission to proceed with the funeral although they did encouraged the two parts of the family to reach an agreement before hand.

This is just one example as to what happens if you don't have a pre planned, pre paid funeral in place. This is happening more and more with families and loved ones being in dispute over what would of been wanted by the deceased.

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