How unique will your funeral be?

Quite often we don't really know what we want when it come to our funeral, however with more and more of our beloved celebrities dying and finances being tight, more people are thinking ahead than ever.

There are already many ways to celebrate a loved ones passing and options are growing.

The latest option for Space fans are Ascension Flights who were on BBC's Dragon's Den back in 2012. They send ashes of the deceased over 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface to the edge of space. The ashes are then released and carried on a final journey in the stratosphere around Earth.

The bespoke high altitude balloons and helium gas can safely reach altitudes exceeding 30km. At 19km, the balloon passes the ‘Armstrong Limit’

At 100,000 feet, temperatures are around -60 celsius.

The balloons are designed to burst evenly into thin strands which stay attached to the parachute. After all the launches, they track and recover them using advanced GPS trackers. This process minimises the environmental impact of the flight. They even offer the chance to see the balloon in space. Click here to find out more of these unique send offs.

Even celebrities are getting into the funeral industry these days. Katie Price is said to be bringing out her own very over the top girly coffins for anybody that has a good sense of humour - or an obsession with pink crystals.

She was quoted as saying 'I’m bringing out coffins, crystallised coffins, I’m bringing out Katie Price coffins, would you want to put someone in a wicker basket or in a crystallised one?" And “It’s going through the trademarking at the moment with the trading standards.”

This has come about since the 39 year old has already described how she wants her own funeral to be, proving its never too early to plan your funeral.

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