My Funeral Plan Supermarket's top tips for reducing funeral costs.

Families admit to reducing the budget for flowers, not using a hearse and even not getting the body embalmed to keep prices down.

The latest Sunlife Cost of dying report found people are cutting back on all aspects of the funeral they can physically control such as the type of coffin, the wake and the flowers.

More than one in three people who have recently organised a funeral for a loved one said they would want their own funeral to be as cheap as possible, and the only true way of doing this is.

One in four cut their flower budget, another one in four held the wake at home and almost one in five didn’t have a hearse. And a study of 1,524 people who have been or will be responsible for planning a funeral, and 100 funeral directors, found the coffin is the first thing people cut back on with more than one in three saying they have chosen a cheaper casket than they would have liked due to the expensiveness.

A lot have chosen a cheaper creation time and decided not to have a minister present or have had fewer pallbearers.

Researchers found just 46 per cent of people leave enough money to cover their funeral, with a third of those who have recently organised a funeral saying it cost more or ‘a lot more’ than they had even budgeted for.

A lot of people are saving money by opting for a 'celebration of life' funeral oppose to the traditional wearing black and ‘funeral’ songs, with one in seven saying the deceased made a special request for their funeral with pre paid funeral plan.

These are just some of the more common reasons people are getting pre paid funeral plans, thus meaning saving their loved ones stress, upset and financial guilt.

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