Can Funeral Costs Be Cut?

Have you ever considered what type of coffin you would like or even if it is worth it if you have chosen to be cremated?

In the US the ‘rental casket’ option is already offered for cremations which provides massive savings on the average American casket. What mourners see at the funeral ceremony is the body in an average casket however the body never comes into contact with the casket itself. The body is put into a simple container, which is placed inside the cushioned, more expensive casket. Once mourners have said their final goodbyes, the inner shell is lifted out of the outer casket to be cremated, while the rental casket can be reused.

The cost of funerals in the UK are hot topic currently without a week passing by were the mainstream media running a story about the cost of dying. Unfortunately councils have been steadily increasing burial and cremation charges. which means many families are exploited while grieving and 2.7 million people have had to take out credit to pay for a loved ones funeral. Meanwhile so called Paupers funerals cost local councils £1.7 million.

Social Fund Funeral Payment was put in place to provide a safety net for those in on benefits or struggling financially, however this has been deemed not ‘fit for purpose’ by both the funeral industry and MPs alike. They take a very long time to organise with a maximum payment of £700 for expenses which has not been kept pace with inflation.

Funeral plan providers are already taking trying to elevate the issue, with almost providers offering low-cost, no-frills funeral options.

Alternative options that can help keep costs down are worthy of consideration. Options such as being cremated without ceremony, early morning crematorium slots, coffins or cheaper transport. These are all factors that can make your funeral plan cheaper.

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