20 years ago today 31million people tuned in to watch Diana's funeral

Exactly 20 years ago today, on 6 September 1997 over half the population of the UK tuned in to the BBC and ITV to watch the event.

A survey has found Princess Diana's funeral is still the most-watched live TV event in British history, with 31million viewers.

It still seems hard to believe that 20 years ago we lost the peoples Princess. The emotional event wasn't just limited to the British public but thousands of internationals who's lives were touched by the Princess.

The main focal point for the thousands who paying their respects created giant mounds of flowers outside the gates of both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.

The funeral procession which finished at Westminster Abbey was very, very quiet as if the public were 'inside' a church rather than stood lining the streets but is this really how the Princess would of envisioned her own funeral?

No one who heard the news and saw the funeral will ever forget it as it's something that we will never see again in our lifetime.

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