Funeral costs in Scotland

Funeral poverty is something that the Scottish Government is working hard to address as the average cost of funerals increases quicker than the rate of inflation. These are set out in the Fairer Scotland Action Plan which highlights the inequalities that exist in our society today. These points are set out in the Scottish Government's ten point action plan to tackle funeral poverty.

Below is a copy of the 10 point action plan that the Scottish Government has set out. This can be found on the Scottish Government website. Please click here to view.

The Funeral Costs Plan set out the Scottish Government’s 10 point action plan to tackle funeral poverty. The 10 actions are:

  1. We will launch the new Funeral Expense Assistance benefit by summer 2019

  2. We will publish guidance on funeral costs by December 2018

  3. We will support provision of more consistent advice on planning for a funeral, support at the point of bereavement and support after a funeral

  4. We will publish and promote Planning Your Own Funeral to help people think about and record plans for their funeral

  5. We will seek to strengthen consumer protection in relation to pre-paid funeral plans

  6. We will support greater public and personal discussion of bereavement, death, dying and care at the end of life

  7. We will make more people aware of the products credit unions offer, including those specifically for funerals

  8. We will deliver a Social Innovation Fund to help social enterprises tackle poverty and disadvantage, including funeral poverty

  9. We will provide more options to help people save for their funeral by piloting a Scottish funeral bond

  10. We will improve the evidence base relating to funeral poverty to help us assess the effectiveness of our actions

As you can see there are some very important points they have set out.

This has been released as a study has been conducted into the most expensive areas to have a funeral.

In Glasgow average cost is £3,833 which is far above the nationwide average of £3,535.

A cremation in the City of Discovery would typically amount to £3,408 but a burial is the most expensive option, with an average cost of £4,258.

Paisley is currently the cheapest place in Scotland for a funeral, with averages of £3,326 and £3,034 respectively.

According to the research by Royal London, the Scottish average has increased by 2.9% from last year.

The average cost of a funeral in the UK has increased to £3,784

Kensal Green in London is the most expensive location for a second year with an average cost of £6,516, an increase of 1% from 2016.

The cheapest location is Belfast with the average cost of a funeral at £3,036.

Unfortunately Funeral debt has now risen to £160 million with one in six (16%) said they struggled with funeral costs, with people taking on an average debt of £1,680.

Among those who struggled, one in four (26%) said they borrowed money from family and friends and a further one in four (23%) covered the costs by taking out a loan or going into their overdraft to pay funeral costs which meant they ended up in debt.

The study also showed a record number of people were selling their personal possessions to repay funeral debt, with one in ten (10%) of those struggling with funeral payments taking this approach.

Royal London is calling for policymakers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to follow Scotland’s lead and do away with the fees charged by doctors to bereaved families for certifying a death which is currently at £164.

In doing so saving families yet more money.

The only real way to ensure that your loved ones don't struggle to pay for your funeral costs is setting up a pre paid funeral plan thus meaning saving a lot of stress, upset and debt. The sooner you set up a funeral plan the better.

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