Have you told your loved ones that your an Organ donor?

457 people died last year while they waited for a transplant and there is currently 6,414 patients waiting for organs.

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) have stated that families are reluctant to give their loved one's organs to patients if that haven't been advised to do so before hand

There is currently a campaign for more people to become donors, and let their families know that they plan to donate their organs. You let your loved ones know of your funeral plan, and finances, so why not make sure they know that you plan to donate your organs?

Unfortunately England and Northern Ireland have an opt-in scheme, where potential donors need to make their wishes known. But in Wales, the NHS has an opt-out clause, where people inform the NHS Organ Donor Register if they do not want to donate. In Scotland they are set to also offer an opt-out for organ donation, but the permission of a donor's loved ones will be requested.

250 people in the UK are waiting on the heart transplant list but unfortunately only 200 operations took place in 2016 due to lack of organs. You may feel like its a difficult conversation to bring up with your loved ones, but it could save the lives of people in desperate need of organ donation, so please, if you want to donate your organs tell them.

You can also advise this on your special request form that you receive from your pre paid funeral plan company.

We can help you find the best plan for your needs and the longer you leave it the less the chance that your loved ones will know your true funeral wishes. Click here to start your funeral plan today.

To register to opt-in or opt-out of organ donation click on the following link https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk