Paying for a funeral plan monthly

Planning ahead for your own funeral is unfortunately is something that does need to be addressed sooner rather than later if you are wanting to save your family stress and money. Funeral planning avoids these problems and save your family and yourself alot of money. Today funeral costs are rising a lot faster than inflation.

When you pay over one or two years, you won’t be charged interest on your payments depending on the funeral plan provider.

If however, you feel taking a plan over five or ten years is more affordable for you your funeral plan provider will charge a small interest charge. Usually this interest ranges from 4% to 6% and it means that the total cost of a funeral plan on the long-term options is greater than the cost for the two-yearly option or a lump-sum payment.

Even setting up a ten year funeral plan today is most certainly going to beat the 6% inflation. This also means there won’t be any hidden charges waiting down the line and however much funeral costs rise, your payments will stay the same until you pay it off.

Most funeral plan providers offer many payment options giving you more flexibility when need. Here at My Funeral Plan Supermarket we don't pressure on you to make a choice you may later regret. Contact us today to compare the full funeral plan providers to ensure you get the right funeral plan for your requirements. Our experienced senior advisors have experience in finding you the very best price for you and will be able to answer all questions about funeral plans and funeral plan providers.

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