Alternative Funeral Planning

A meaningful funeral that is a genuine reflection of the person who has died isn't always easy to do when they haven't got a pre paid funeral plan in place, Even more so when your still in the grieving process.

Below are a few things you should know about alternative funerals to help you.

1. No strict rules apply for alternative funerals

You don't have to conform to the conventions and traditions in every society and culture and rituals without relevance is just a formality. A funeral professional or funeral plan provider will be able to help you put together something that works for you and your situation. You can create the funeral you feel is best fitting for your loved ones.

2. Want a coffin which is truly unique?

Alternative vehicles, natural burials, colourful coffins and Eco-friendly coffins are now mainstream and available from all funeral plan providers, its all down to you what you want.

3. All funeral plan providers will appoint a local funeral director who will treat your loved one with the up most respect

Funeral plan providers will work to facilitate the funeral you want.

Just because your loved one already has a pre paid funeral plan it doesn’t mean you can't add more to the funeral.

4. Creating a funeral that’s relevant to the individual

A mix of sadness, anger, regret, joy and gratitude with no set timeline or structure. Allowing space at the funeral for all those emotions is very important.

Alternative funerals doesn’t mean that the funeral has to be turned into a full blown party or celebration. It's about whats relevant and meaningful to the person who has died as well as suitable for the circumstances of their death. It might be that something simple that allows people to express their sadness is a fitting alternative to a traditional funeral.

5. An alternative funeral doesn’t mean expensive

Planning your funeral in advance con save you and your loved ones thousands, however if it is an 'at need' funeral that you require, if you go to the local directors they may charge you more than what is needed. Speak to us and we will find the cheapest provider for your needs.

6. Ensure everyone knows what your planning

If you’re planning to do something a little different, make sure that you clearly explain what’s going to happen and why it’s going to happen so that everyone attending understands the reason behind this.

Expectations and experiences of funerals differ from person to person although it can be alienating to attend a funeral that’s different to the norm, especially when overwhelmed by the reality of grief for a loved one.

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