Europe is ahead of the UK for planning for a funeral

Latest figures show how Europeans are far ahead of the UK for preparing for their funeral costs.

According to the latest research commissioned by Funeral Zone, which is a free online resource that helps the bereaving, only 6% of people in the UK have a pre-paid funeral plan in place, despite the cost of an average funeral is now excess of £3,900.

Only 3% of people in Wales have a pre-paid plan in place. 13% of those living in Northern Ireland have already set up a plan, compared to 6% in England and 5% in Scotland.

Mean while, 20million Spaniards have funeral insurance in place and 70% of Dutch people have a funeral plan in place.

So why are we so behind?

In the UK, end of life planning is more decidedly more common amongst people who are widowed than those who are divorced or single, which could indicating that those who have already lost a loved one now realise how important it is to plan ahead for funeral costs.

- 30% (one in three) of widows and widowers comfirmed that they had a pre-paid funeral plan in place, in comparison to just 9% of those who are separated or divorced.

- Only 8% of those in a civil partnership or married have a funeral plan in place.

- And only 2% that had arranged a funeral plan had never married.

What age is best prepared?

People in their fifties are most likely to have planned ahead for funeral costs.

- 13% (one in ten) of those aged 55 or older have taken out a pre-paid plan.

- Only 3% of those aged 45-54 have bought pre-paid funeral plans.

- But only 1% of those people aged between 18-24 have a pre-paid plan to cover their funeral bills.

- 2% aged between 25 and 34 and the same percentage of the 35-44 age group said they have pre-paid funeral plans in place.

More women at 7% compared to 5% of males have funeral plans.

Unemployed and retired people most likely to have plans
3% of part-time workers and 2% of full-time workers in the UK have pre-paid funeral plans. However, 9% of unemployed people and 16% of retirees said they had bought plans.
Why is planning for funeral cost so important?
Around 10million people in the UK don’t have any cash savings, meaning they may struggle to cover funerals costs unless they turn to credit cards or personal loans.
When you have a pre-paid funeral plan, you are not just saving your family or loved ones the expense, worry and emotional time but you are also securing your funeral at today’s prices. So no matter how much the price of a funerals rises you’ll have peace of mind that the send-off you planned for and wanted has already been paid for.
Depending on which provider you go to, you may be able to choose from different levels of cover. For example, more basic plans may include the funeral director’s fees and a simple coffin, whereas more comprehensive plans may include a superior coffin and limousine transport to and from the funeral.
Contact us today to find the best plan for you.

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