Funeral plans are being taken out earlier and earlier

Today the average lifespan has seen a dramatic increase over the last 60 years and this trend has continued to increase year on year meaning, the opportunity to purchase for customers the cheapest funeral plans currently around. These may not always be available possibly when you consider that the average age UK funeral plans are currently being taken out has dropped dramatically. For example, in 2013 the average age buying a funeral plan in the UK was around 75 years old. Now in 2017, people are buying pre paid funeral plans in their early sixties. It clearly has something to do with the internet. People find information more easily in 2017 with the use of smart phones and high-speed broadband. They can compare prices, read customer reviews and compare products without moving leaving the house. It's also means its easier to make an informed decision on a funeral plan that suits your needs. Funeral plans can save people a great deal of both stress and money. As the cost of funerals continue to rise, a pre paid funeral plan will guarantee that the price you pay now is what your funeral will cost in the future, no matter how far ahead that may be.

Average UK Death Rates by each Region

Buying a pre paid funeral plan removes a major source of worry as there won't be any future charges, guaranteeing your family and friends won't need to make difficult decisions at the worst possible time. A pre paid funeral plan, everything is decided now with the flexibility to adjust all aspects at any point if needs be. After that, you can sit back and relax. Your funeral wishes are clearly set out in the funeral plan and the funeral will take place as you want it to. One of the keys to happiness and contentment is facing the future, knowing you've reduced its power to interfere with the present. Take the time today to prepare for the sake of your loved ones. You compare the full pre paid funeral plan providers by clicking here , or alternatively call us now on 0330 113 1582 to speak to one of our senior advisors.