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Our reviews are independent and based from customer reviews other review sites and our own findings and dealings with the companies shown below.

Safehands Company Review​
​​Safehands Funeral Plans is one of the UK's most recognise and established prepaid funeral plan providers. In addition to there in-house team of specialist, highly-trained, advisors, they also work with a national network of qualified, professional, will-writers, estate planners, financial advisors and solicitors - all of whom are ready and available to help you plan life's perfect final journey.

Endorsed by Dr Hiliary Jones and Gordon Banks. They are a popular brand who advertise hard and well meaning in there short history they have seen fantastic growth!

Their success is also widely linked to the fact they are one of the cheapest providers you can get.

Safehands are a great company and are making all the right steps with the partners they work with. They are accredited to the NFFD, Funeral Directors Choice,, The Fair Price Charter and the Funeral Directors Register.

From there actuary reports done on there trust, Safehands are in a very good financially stable position, they offer full legal guarantee's on the funeral plans they offer.

Overall a very good company with some great prices, As an authorised agent of Safehands and a member of the NFFD we would be more than happy to assist in setting up a Safehands plan. We have placed hundreds of satisfied customers with Safehands and have experienced no problems from our customers who are more than happy with the plan and service they have received.

Co-op Funeral Care Company Review
​​Co-op Funeral Care Plans is one of the longest established funeral plan providers in the UK, but this doesn't always mean its the best. Coop funeral care have seen some difficult times over the last five years with bad press from a dispatches investigation. This was isolated cases and you have to understand that the coop brand is split over different franchise offices and locations.

For us we think the Coop are a good company and we have had many customers more than satisfied with the service they have provided. The only points we like to mention to customers is that there terms and conditions may not be as favourably as some of the other providers. A large part of this is if you are paying monthly over say 10 years if you cancel late on you will get nothing back at all. Now there is nothing wrong with this practice as its the same is nearly all life insurance products, however there are other providers within this list that offer more attractive T&C's to its customers

Part of the FPA which means as a consumer you do get peace of mid that there sticking to a suitable code of conduct

Coop are in a very good financially stable position, they offer full legal guarantee's on the funeral plans they offer.

Overall a good company with some great prices, just be sure you fully agree with all the T&C's before going ahead.

Age UK Company Review​
Age UK Funeral Plans is part of one of the UK's most recognised and established charitable institutes dealing with the elderly in the UK. They provide 100% of the profits back into the Age UK charity.

They are a good company with many plus points who are members of the FPA. In essence they are Dignity funeral plans and can come with a few restrictions in regards to funeral directors as it can only be placed with Dignity owned directors. This is why the offer of the 50 mile no charge transportation service, mainly due to the fact your family may have a distance to travel to the Dignity funeral director. It may be more preferred to have a more local provider and other providers may be more suited for this option if this is the case.

Overall a very good company with some great prices and service options available for the customers but if you want local Funeral directors other options might be the better choice.

Golden Leaves Company Review

Golden Leaves Limited has been at the forefront of pre-paid funeral plans for over 25 years. Since 1984, tens of thousands of people throughout the UK and overseas have chosen to plan ahead and purchase a funeral plan with Golden Leaves.

They have a wide selection of prepaid funeral plans available with green and eco options insurance mixed plans as well as the standard funeral plans they offer. Security of the plans is strong with a well-established trust that has good historical performance.

Standard 0-120 month payment options with prices being middle of the range. There funeral directors are independent professionals usually which hold either NAFD or SAIF membership.

Customer services and sales staff seem knowledgeable, polite and informative.

Their online presence is not as crisp or clear as some other providers but an all-round good company with long term routes with the FPA and NAPFP being a founding member of the later.

Dignity Company Review

Dignity PLC has been a household name in funerals for over 30 years. Thousands of people throughout the UK have chosen to plan ahead and purchase a funeral plan with Dignity.

With an ever changing level of competition in the market place, Dignity have provided a wide selection of prepaid funeral plans and have had to bring prices down to be able to compare with the likes of Safehands where many people were heading towards.

Another potential gripe you can find with Dignity is the fact you can only use there FD's. Yes they have around 800 but in some places coverage is just not strong enough to be able to get a funeral director within 10 miles, which can be stressful for family at a difficult time.

Aside from the above though the security of the plans is strong with a well-established trust that has good historical performance.

Standard 0-120 month payment options with prices being middle of the range.

Their online presence is good clear and informative so overall we do rate Dignity as quite good company with long term routes with the FPA shows the customer they can be trusted to deliver there promises.

Perfect Choice Company Review

Perfect choice funeral plans have been in the market for a few years, they don’t offer monthly payment options which can make it difficult for many customers to afford the plan.

They have a good relationship with the NAFD and show up as there preferred partner. Possibly the choice for people over the age of 80 where paying in full is the only option.

Also middle range in terms of price banding, website is basic but functional and there customer service and sales team are good, polite and professional.

Cover woodland and eco burial services as well as more elaborate tailored solutions for their customers which can be a useful feature with any of these plans.

Overall a good strong company with decent ethic and values. Main issue being the ability to pay monthly not being available which will make it not so appealing to many applicants.

Avalon Company Review
Avalon offer 'dual certification' which means you can use the plan in the UK or certain parts of Europe if you move or have a second home abroad.
They have a small team who will look after you and have been working with sales outfits to increase there presence in the market. Plans are generally good and the trust is strong. Working with the FPA is a good sign of there commitment to providing quality plans.
Website not clear and doesn't give prices. Plans are quite expensive but you do get a few extra benefits thrown in.
A strong bet if you have a holiday home in Europe.

Golden Charter Company Review
As one of the UK’s original prepaid funeral plan providers, Golden charter hold a dominant position and have probably the largest panel of independent funeral directors in the UK with over 3300 contracted funeral directors to choose from.

Their prices are one of the highest within the industry but there plans often come with a few extra perks like a free will worth around £149.

They also offer plans over a longer period of time for the younger applicants meaning you can secure payments over 30 years. This can be beneficial if your budget is really tight but be aware by spreading the cost over a longer period of time this will dramatically increase the overall amount you have to pay. With some plans costing in total of £9000 and upwards which could be £4000 or more expensive than going to a competitor ad taking a lower term plan.

Their customer service has improved over the years and more recently with them changing their marketing approach to be more customer focused this has seen a much improved customer journey. Paperwork is normally clear and arrives quickly with simple information for loved ones to follow once the plan needs to be activated.

FPA registered member and overall a good company with a wide range of products and services, listen to your advisor though when they compare against the other providers because if we feel we can find a better more suitable solution we will!

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