My Funeral Plan Supermarket Mission 

My Funeral Plan Supermarket mission is to build on our core business values of helping our customers find the best funeral plan suited to their individual needs, offering clear, concise information.​

By investing in technology and tools that enables us to deliver more value to both customers and the funeral plan providers.

Our three key priorities are as follows:

1) The Best Funeral Plan Comparison Company 

'By providing the easiest and most informed way for people to find the right plan provider and funeral plan for their needs'

We understand that in order to become the best we need to broaden our customer experience by delivering improved and consistent usability.  We recognise that customers will want to use a variety of different devices and platforms to use our services.

2) Customer Satisfaction 

'Every customer is unique'

My Funeral Plan Supermarket know that everyone is unique and as a company, we strive to excel in customers expectation and experience. 

As a company we need to continue to innovate, offering the cheapest funeral plans available, offering new and simple ways to save time and money for our customers meaning our content, tools and services need to be relevant, clear, caring, concise and engaging.

3) Being A Preferred Partner

'To be the 'go to' company for funeral plan providers'.


My Funeral Plan Supermarket can only continue to thrive if we keep adding value to the funeral plans we offer on behalf of the funeral plan providers.  Enabling customers to have a full understanding of plans and plan providers, ensuring all terms and conditions are met of all legal organisations.